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Quality is The Deciding Factor – tool manufacturing at Reis Robotics


reis robotics – a successful international manufacturer of automation systems used mostly in the automotive industry.


Udo Schwind, production manager at reis robotics, at the control panel with the heidenhain iTNC 530 control unit

C 42 U machining centre with pallet changer PW 850

The reis robotics Group of companies, founded in 1957 with corporate headquarters in obernburg am main, Germany, is a market leader in automation systems. The solutions combine reis robots and automation components of other manufacturers in equal measure. The company works as a general contractor, designing and delivering complete automation systems from a single source. Today it is one of the leading integrators for all important sectors of industry. Accuracy and reliability are the deciding factors.

udo schwind: “as an automation specialist, we set the bar very high in our in-house manufacturing. We work with integrated data coupling to convert CAD data directly from design into CNC programs, which are then immediately capable of running on the hermle machines. We also use simulations in advance to do this, to exclude the possibility of malfunctions or tool collisions. When combined with suffi ciently powerful machines, this noticeably increases effi ciency, minimizes potential errors and reduces throughput time along the entire production process chain. To ensure we have the necessary machining capacity, we have among others 14 hermle machining centres. the spectrum of Hermle CNC machining centres applications are as diverse as the machining tasks, so CNC machining centres of series C 800 V (3x), C 800 U (1x),B 300 (6x), C 30 U (1x), C 40 U (2x) and C 42 u (1x) are installed in the production sites. The machines are largely equipped with identical control units (Heidenhain iTNC 530 or hsci). The differences are in the working areas and the equipment for 3-axis to 5-axis CNC machining centres and NC-swiveling rotary tables with diameters of 630 mm or 800 mm, with or without additional tool magazines. This ensures maximum flexibility for applications, machining and usage among the various machines.

Manufacturing complex tool

To ensure that machining would actually be economical in terms of both quality and effi ciency, a PW 850 pallet changer was ordered for the C 42 U purchased two years ago, the largest 5-axis CNC high-performance machining centre to date for reis robotics. This machining centre was designed from the ground up as the central component of a manufacturing system to be used for multifunctional purposes.


If you ask udo schwind the reasons why he chose hermle machining centres, he quickly responds with the two most important ones: “precision and the fi rst-rate service from hermle.” he says he’s never had to wait for more than a day if a machine was damaged or down before production was running again – which is by no means always true of other providers.

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