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Sector get-together with technology transfer – at the HERMLE OPEN House 2024

This year, too, HERMLE AG extends a warm welcome to its traditional Open House at Gosheim. From 16 to 19 April 2024, the factory gates open daily for visitors between 9 am and 5 pm. A comprehensive supporting programme includes technical talks, guided tours of the company, a special exhibition with over 40 exhibitors from the fields of clamping technology, CAD/CAM and hardware / software, and of course HERMLE’s proprietory manufacturing process using MPA technology.

Automation in perfection –  HERMLE at the EMO 2023

From 18.09.23 to 23.09.23 Maschinenfabrik Berthold HERMLE AG will be exhibiting on 560 m2 in Hall 12, Stand C30, true to its motto – everything from one source – three fully equipped automation solutions and a milling/turning machining centre. All machines showcase the technological advantages of HERMLE products with interesting machining operations.

“The original with cult status” - visitors to Hermle Open House almost back to pre-COVID levels

For four days, Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG once again opened the doors to its traditional Open House exhibition. Over 1100 companies and 2500 visitors, including 800 international guests, gained a comprehensive understanding of products, automation solutions, digitalisation, Industry 4.0 solutions and Hermle services, such as service competence, additive manufacturing and the Hermle User College.

“Original with cult status” – Hermle Open House 2023 in Gosheim

Our annual Open House has also long since enjoyed a cult-like following. Not only due to the tasty traditional Swabian Maultaschen on offer, but also because of the machining ideas that we come up with to guarantee our extensive range of machines can be experienced live.

And so, the idea was born to mill a model of a true cult classic at this year’s Open House – the T1.

"Presence meets Technology" – at Hermle Open House 2022 in Gosheim

When precision, reliability and long-term accuracy meet highly innovative 5-axis technology and automation expertise, Hermle machining centres are always involved. True to our motto "Milling at its best with Hermle", this interaction enables optimum conditions for the perfect cutting process.

Hermle RS 05-2 robot system with automatic finger change – gripping, clamping, stocking and machining – and this around the clock

The RS 05-2 robot system can be used in all areas where fully automated production of workpieces, weighing up to 5 kg, is required. Particularly in precision engineering and medical technology, the RS 05-2 shows all its advantages, such as compactness, high variability both in the rack storage and in the clamping device and gripper insert.

Flexibility squared – The RS 1 robot system
For fully automatic pallet and workpiece handling – Automation in a secure, around-the-clock process

The RS 1 robot system is the complete combination cell for pallet and workpiece automation. This Hermle innovation delivers a convincing mix of flexibility and productivity: The rack storage concept provides for remarkably long autonomous runtimes, gripper and adapter changing is automatic, and the fully functional setup station allows for parallel setup of pallets and workpiece carriers during operation. This makes the RS 1 the right automation solution for many scenarios.

Mill-turn technology for more efficient flying

Complex geometries, highly durable materials and uninterrupted process monitoring are decisive factors for safety and progress in manufacturing. Hermle's response to the demanding challenges involved in producing rotationally symmetrical engine components such as blisks is represented by the mill-turn variants of its High-Performance machining centres.

Additive machining at supersonic speed

The new machining centre MPA 42 is powerful and precise but it is not for sale. When it comes to additive manufacturing, Hermle acts as a service provider. Hermle knows what mould makers want – short cycle times and high-quality parts –, and how to give it to them.

Perfection in automation

22 years ago, Hermle started developing its own automation solutions for its 5-axis machining centres. Much has changed since then: The focus is no longer on reducing setting up times, but rather on even longer automated production runs. And digitalization is generating further impulses of its own. Hermle's basic philosophy, however, remains the same: One provider for a complete package – from the initial draft for a plant through to servicing beyond the guarantee period.

The Hermle automation solution with up to 1200 kg of transport weight

The handling system HS flex heavy is designed to be adaptable to 5-axis Performance Line machining centres (C 400 and C 650) as well as to High Performance Line models (C 32 and C 42). This means the C 650 is available automated for the first time.

umati – to simplify your connectivity.

The new interface will provide our customers with a simple means of integration in IT ecosystems. The semantic structure provides the basis for the manufacturer-independent plug & play networking of machine tools and could emerge as the machine tool industry standard in future. 

Automation, digitalisation and full machine power

With six machines, four of them at the Hermle booth C 36 in Hall 12 – true to the motto „Smart technologies driving tomorrow`s production“!

With the RS 05-2, Hermle presents the 2nd generation of its compact robot system

Since the first compact robot system was developed by Hermle-Leibinger Systemtechnik GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG, customer expectations and the multiplicity of the applications have increased enormously. Not only that the RS 05 robot system should be compatible with a broader range of machine models – the requests for individual storage solutions have consistently driven the system's further development. Many different installations bear witness to successful automation solutions in the range of workpieces up to 10 kg.

Hermle introduces another digital component: the Navigator GUI

The digital transformation is now becoming the focus of many different production operations. Hermle is there to provide support while you chart your individual course towards Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. We offer a wide range of software solutions for improving your efficiency, precision and productivity, with our digital components representing links in the smarter production chain. 

“Fritz the Bull” and “Ben the Bear”

After the bull "Fritz" already caused a sensation at the IMTS and numerous visitors had their photo snapped next to the spectacularly presented animal, “Fritz” now has a buddy: the bear "Ben". They make a great pair, because together they are the symbol of the ups and downs on the stock exchange. This will make them a perfect eye-catcher for Hermle as a stock corporation in the Hermle showroom in the future.

“Sailing boat” project – MPA technology and better milling

Additive machining with MPA technology and better milling all rolled into one. To give an impressive and somewhat striking example for a component produced by both additive manufacture and subsequent machining to shape it, a sailing boat with a number of special features was presented by Hermle AG at the house exhibition 2019.

Production – Automation – Digitisation -  Hermle presents the latest trends in mechanical engineering at its Open House

For four days, Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG once again opened the doors to its traditional Open House. Over 1000 companies and 2300 visitors, including 900 international guests, had the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive picture of products, automation solutions, digitisation, Industry 4.0 solutions and Hermle services, such as Service Competence, Generative Manufacturing and the Hermle User College.

Hermle Set To Unveil Newest Automation and Industry 4.0 Technology

Smart manufacturing, flexible automation and Industry 4.0 will be a point of emphasis at this year’s show. Hermle is at the forefront of this industry shift, and a leader in helping clients achieve optimum results with the newest technology. A planned demonstration via a partnership with Haimer Corporation will showcase advanced machine connectivity and data transfer capabilities.

Technology meets tradition. Industry meeting at the Hermle Open House

Hermle AG welcomed a large number of visitors from around the world to its traditional Open House in April. This year’s event set a new record for visitor numbers, with 2900 people visiting from 1300 companies, including 1100 international guests. The visitors from over 30 countries, including large delegations from neighbouring European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Scandinavia, as well as companies from Russia, USA, Korea, Japan and India, were welcomed and well looked after over the course of the four exhibition days and took a great deal of interest in the Hermle products.

Hermle-Leibinger Systemtechnik GmbH RS 2 Combi

Well over 300 systems have since been installed at Hermle machines, including linear systems with up to five, robot-controlled machining centres. Production machines from other manufacturers have also been incorporated into these complex systems.

Hermle-Leibinger Systemtechnik GmbH 20 years of ultimate automation , Handling system HS flex

Well over 300 systems have since been installed at Hermle machines, including linear systems with up to five, robot-controlled machining centres. Production machines from other manufacturers have also been incorporated into these complex systems.

Machining production facility (construction of building 6)

Facts about the new production facility:

Construction period  January 2016 – end of 2017
Ceiling height  increased from 5 m to approx. 12.50 m
Overall height  approx. 18.80 m
Length   approx. 66 m
Width   approx. 37 m
Reconstructed space approx. 30300 m3 
Floor space  approx. 2330 m2    
Plant room  approx. 3700 m3
Floor space  approx. 700 m2

Mineral casting in Zimmern o.R., Germany

Facts about the building in Zimmern o.R.

Construction period  May 2016 – June 2017
Premises  4 hectares on the Inkom industrial estate
Overall height  approx. 23.50 m
Length   approx. 102 m
Width   approx. 32 m + 6 m administrative building
Production area approx. 3200 m2    

Swabian tradition meets high tech from various industries

Twenty machine models will be on show in various configurations and with interesting equipment from various high-tech industries to demonstrate the vast range of capabilities provided by Hermle products. The complete model range of the Performance-Line series, including the new C 650, and the High-Performance-Line series will be presented, with many of them displaying the latest automation technology.

Individually configurable screen view - Hermle integrates the HOME screen

The HOME screen enables the individual configuration of key screen contents. Especially in combination with the software options HACS & HIMS.

New machine model C 650

The Hermle company has developed the C 650 to extend its Performance Line series with a major step upwards, and now provides three machine models for economical 3 and 5 axis machining. The Performance Line is positioned below the High Performance Line consisting of models C 12, C 22, C 32, C 42, C 52 and C 62, and it very nearly matches their performance capabilities. The only differences are to be found in the accessory diversity, the price and of course the naming.

Hermle at EMO 2017

With the new C 650 machine model from the Performance Line series, the Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG is presenting a new machining centre for very varied 3 axis and 5 axis jobs. A steel die for automotive tool and mould making demonstrates the precision and performance capacity of the new machining centre.

Hermle Open House 26.-29.04.2017 despite wintry weather on the Swabian Alb

Numerous machines equipped with unique automation solutions were showcased and demonstrated under production conditions to satisfy the growing trend towards increased automation, especially in terms of the requirements of Industry 4.0. This also applied to the highlight of the Open House exhibition, the new handling system HS flex.

HS flex, the flexible handling system – Hermle’s proprietary automation solution for several machine models

The HS flex handling system is designed to be adaptable to both three-axis and five-axis Performance Line machining centres (C 250 and C 400) as well as to High Performance Line models (ranging from the C 12C 22,C 32 up to the C 42).

Swabian ‘Maultaschen’ at the Hermle AG trade meeting

A treat of the technical variety awaits visitors in the form of eight machine models from the Performance-Line and High-Performance-Line, which illustrate the output spectrum of Hermle AG in a wide range of configurations. Some models are of course equipped with cutting-edge automation tools, including the new HS flex handling system, various pallet changers and robot systems.

The compact RS 05 robot system is now available for three machine models and boasts three storage units as well as the Hermle Automation-Control-System (HACS)

The RS 05 robot system from Hermle can be adapted to the C 12, C 22 and C 32 machining centres and is designed to supply machining centres with workpiece blanks or pallets. The RS 05 robot system helps to significantly enhance machine cycles, particularly in the fields of medical technology, precision mechanics and electrode manufacturing.

C 250 at the AMB in Stuttgart

Hermle AG has added the C 250 to the C 400, which it launched in 2012, and, in the process, created a brand new series. The series is arranged below the double-digit series with its C 12, C 22, C 32, C 42, C 52 and C 62 models, but is in no way inferior. In fact, the only thing different between them is the equipment variance, the price and, of course, the name.

Hermle AG has added the C 250 to the C 400

Hermle AG has added the C 250 to the C 400, which it launched in 2012, and, in the process, created a brand new series. The series is arranged below the double-digit series with its C 12, C 22, C 32, C 42, C 52 and C 62 models, but is in no way inferior. In fact, the only thing different between them is the equipment variance, the price and, of course, the name.

Construction work in Gosheim - upward extension of halls 6, 8a and 11 Acquisition of site in Rottweil

The upward extension of internal machining manufacturing sees the ceiling height of one of Hermle's oldest production facilities rising from 5.00 m to 12.50 m. This is necessary in order to accommodate ever larger production plants.

Automation: Hermle takes the next step with HIMS

After the introduction of the Hermle „Automation Control System“ (HACS), Hermle presents the new “Information-Monitoring-Software" (HIMS). This new option enables more comfortable the monitoring and control of Hermle machining centres.

Overwhelming response to Hermle's Open House

Hermle AG welcomed 1000 companies with over 2600 visitors during four days of exhibits at its annual April Open House. More than 800 visitors from 40 countries travelled to Gosheim, Germany for the event. The largest groups of visitors came from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Scandinavia, Italy, Benelux, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

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